Retaining Walls Services

Decorative and Functional

Property Improvement

Retaining walls are a beautiful addition to any property. Functionally, retaining walls hold back rock and soil to prevent landslides, shape landscaping, and allow for planting trees and decorative flowers. At MVE Construction, we incorporate retaining walls into your yard’s design seamlessly, working with the existing landscape’s natural contours. Our retaining walls are handcrafted from beautiful rustic materials such as rocks, bricks, blocks, or wood.

Retaining walls are an excellent way to add design flair to that corner of your yard that needs something more. They visually expand small yards and create vertical space to allow for planting gardens and landscaping in an otherwise limited area.

The following are some ways that a retaining wall can transform your yard:


At MVE Construction, we work with you to bring your vision for your yard to life. We work to design spaces that compliment your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. All of our design choices are affordable. We offer free estimates and quote prices before beginning any work.